Batman Birthday Party Invitation

I haven’t posted in a while due to my insanely busy job and all of the vacations and activities that have been going on this winter. I did want to share the birthday invites my husband and I made for our son’s 3rd birthday party. He is obsessed with Batman right now, which is an understatement. He lives and breathes Batman every second of the day. He calls himself Bruce, Bruce Wayne, Master Wayne and thinks my husband is his own personal Alfred and orders him to do things. Naturally, we’re super excited about throwing this party and wanted to invitations to be really special.

Batman birthday party invitation
Batman birthday party invitation

So we put a little bit of time and effort into creating a mock newspaper, the Gotham Gazette. Most of the stories are inside jokes that reference our son and also our dogs are pictured in the mug shot. I downloaded a free newspaper template off of the internet and we took it from there. My husband is more talented at writing than I am so he did most of the articles, but I helped with the layouts, fonts, and all the photoshopping. We printed them on 8.5×14″ paper and mailed them to all of our family and friends. I’ll post pics of the big Batman party once it’s over, but we have some great themed snacks planned like goldfish and Swedish fish Penguin snacks, Catwoman bugle claws, Harley Quinn hammers, Two Face oreos and licorice wheels, Joker Juice, Mr. Freeze pops, Bat burgers and more.

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