• Herbed Flatbread with Bacon, Fig and Balsamic Reduction

    herbed flatbread with figs, bacon and balsamic reduction

    Have you noticed that my family likes pizza yet? No joke, I think this is my 3rd pizza post in a row–or at least it feels like it. We do eat other things, I swear. But the options (aka toppings) are limitless and I just have to share them all. Technically, these aren’t pizzas as […] Read more…

  • Beet Pesto Pizza with Spinach and Feta

    beet pesto pizza with spinach and feta

    I’ve never had a beet before. Well, not really. I’ve bought them and juiced them and I’ve had them as chips but I’ve always been scared to eat a plain beet. Every time I thought of it, it reminded me of the icky looking canned beets that are the most neglected item at every salad bar. […] Read more…


  • easy dutch oven bread

    easy dutch oven bread

    So I told you how excited I was to roast a whole chicken in my dutch oven recently, but there was another thing I was really looking forward to making….bread. A perfectly golden round loaf of crusty white bread. I saw an article on it in Food & Wine Mag and absolutely had to try […] Read more…

  • easy preserved lemons - gotham kitchen

    easy preserved lemons

    Now that it’s winter, or at least cold and snowy, I’ve been going crazy making Moroccan stews, or tajines. They’re easy, fast, and OMG-level flavorful. But every time I make them, I come across an ingredient I never have on hand and always substitute: preserved lemons. What the heck are those? They’re basically lemons pickled […] Read more…


  • This Greek Meyer Lemon Soup with Turkey and Orzo is light, flavorful and easy to make.

    greek meyer lemon turkey and orzo soup

    It’s Meyer lemon season! And if you haven’t tried these gems, you absolutely should. They’re a hybrid between an orange and a lemon and are much sweeter, darker and less acidic than a standard lemon. This makes them especially great for salad dressings, desserts and anything where fresh lemon is needed. I’ve been obsessed with […] Read more…

  • cold-busting roasted carrot soup

    cold-busting roasted carrot soup

    I’m a huge believer in natural remedies. This winter, I’ve made the same cup of tea every night before bed: roasted dandelion root with turmeric, ginger, cayenne, honey and lemon. And I have yet to get even remotely sick. Sure, it could be a coincidence but those ingredients are known to be powerful in fighting illness […] Read more…


  • s'mores pot de creme

    s’mores pot de creme

    My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I typically cook a nicer-than-usual meal plus dessert. Dessert is definitely a special occasion in our house because if and when we have sweets around the house, they get eaten immediately and we end up feeling miserable all week. My strategy this year: make single serving […] Read more…

  • candy cane marshmallows

    easy candy cane marshmallows

    I’m always in awe of homemade marshmallows when I see them in bakeries. So fresh and fluffy looking, cut in perfect little cubes. I’ve never attempted to make them because I assumed you needed a lot of special equipment and ingredients. SO WRONG. They’re super simple and I made these with ingredients I already had […] Read more…


  • oatmeal pumpkin chocolate chip muffins - gotham kitchen

    oatmeal pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

    I wait the entire year for fall because it means pumpkin, pumpkin, PUMPKIN! Pumpkin is available all year long, so why do people go so nuts for it in October? Who knows, who cares. All I know is that it’s amazing in anything sweet or savory. I even add it to tacos to make a […] Read more…

  • the world's best egg sandwich

    the world’s best egg sandwich

    Sometimes when I’m uninspired on what to make for dinner, I’ll ask my husband to name his favorite dishes that I’ve made. His response is always the same: the egg sandwich. I’ve made hundreds of dishes for him and he always comes back to that one. It’s really a simple formula that I’ve modified a […] Read more…